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Birthdate:Jan 30
Location:Malaga, Spain

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a song of fire and ice, aaron tyler, adama/roslin, aguila roja, alesha phillips, alesha/matt, alex/gene, allan a dale, angel, angel/cordelia, arthur, arthur/gwen, ashes to ashes, barney stinson, barney/robin, battlestar galactica, big fish, billie piper, blair waldorf, bones, books, booth/brennan, carlos ruiz zafon, charlie crews, christina aguilera, chuck, chuck bartowski, chuck/sarah, cordelia chase, corpse bride, daniel/betty, david tennant, david/michelle, doctor who, doctor/rose, dollhouse, donna noble, doumyouji tsukasa, elizabeth mitchell, emma, eric taylor, eric/tami, firefly, freema agyeman, friday night lights, friends, gilmore girls, gonzalo/margarita, gossip girl, grease, hairspray, hana yori dango, harry potter, helena bohnam carter, helo/athena, how i met your mother, internet, jack/ianto, jackie burkhart, jackie/hyde, james morrison, james wilson, jane austen, jenny humphrey, john casey, johnny depp, julie taylor, juliet burke, kara/lee, kate winslet, katherine heigl, kaylee fry, kings, kyle valenti, labuat, lady gaga, law and order uk, lee pace, leighton meester, life on mars, lily allen, london, lorelai gilmore, lorelai/luke, lost, lyla garrity, maggie grace, mal/inara, manga, mansfield park, matt/julie, memoirs of a geisha, merlin, michael/maria, mika, mila kunis, monica/chandler, moulin rouge, movies, much ado about nothing, music, musicals, ned/olive, neil patrick harris, once, persuasion, photoshop, pride and prejudice, pushing daisies, rachel bilson, robin hood, robin/marian, rory/jess, rose tyler, roses, roswell, sam/annie, sarah walker, sawyer, sawyer/juliet, secret diary of a call girl, sense and sensibility, serenity, seth/summer, shakespeare in love, shannon rutherford, sheldon/penny, simon/kaylee, sleepy hollow, star wars, summer roberts, sweeney todd, that 70's show, the big bang theory, the fall, the oc, tim burton, tim riggins, tim/lyla, timeline, torchwood, tsukasa/tsukushi, tv, tyra collete, ugly betty, wesley/fred, wonderfalls, zachary levi
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